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Great Food | Great Music

At the heart, Gratitude has always been a Music Café.


David has been a performer in the industry for over 10 years, playing solo and with bands, and teaching various instruments.

Check the events section for what’s happening soon, and do get in touch if you want further information.”

Good Food | Good Music

Sundays Mean

Open Mic Night

Open Mic from 4pm followed by Vinyls Night

Open mic from 4pm Sunday hosted by David Busby, followed by Vinyls Night hosted by comicmarvel. Family friendly as always,

Opening Hours

Monday - 9am - 4pm
Tuesday - 9am - 4pm
Wednesday - 9am - 4pm
Thursday - 9am - 4pm
Friday - 9am - 4pm
Saturday - 9am - 4pm
Sunday - 10am - 1pm

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